What We've Made: Erin's Eve Trouser

Hello, I’m Erin, the newest staff member at Needlework! I'm so excited to share my most recent make, the Eve Trouser from Merchant & Mills

The Eve Trouser is cropped pant with a slightly tapered leg and optional turn ups (aka cuffs). It’s a relatively easy garment to make, fitting neatly at the waist and over the hips with a simple side zip and two back pockets.

I made these using Needlework's 9oz Sanded Cord in black, which is a great choice for a more structured pant. I was looking for warmth, structure and texture, and the Sanded Cord checks all those boxes. I loved sewing with this fabric too, it folds and presses like paper. It's extremely satisfying to work with! 

Based on my measurements I cut a UK size 6, and the version of the pattern that included the 'turn-ups'. My preferred inseam measures 24.5" so I removed 2" of length at the lengthen/shorten line.

By choosing the turn-up version but shortening the inseam, I was left with a nice tall hem that hits my ankle at the perfect spot, eliminating the need to cuff the pants. I also added darts to the backs of the legs at the hem. I found them a bit wide at the cuff for my liking and the darts cinched the leg opening in just perfectly. I love the visual of the dart at the back as well.

At the hip there's an option of dart or pleat shaping. I opted for darts for a flatter, smooth front, and that’s what I got! 

Sewing wise I found the pattern instructions very clear and easy to follow, leading me to a super professional finished garment inside and out. Every piece came together just as I expected it should, including the side zip. It’s just perfect. I’m so satisfied and will definitely be making this pattern again and again - I've already made my another pair with Sanded Cord in Stone!

If you want to follow along in my making adventures, you can find me on Instagram at @rinntextiles!

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Pattern: Eve Trouser by Merchant & Mills
Size: UK 6
Fabric: 9oz Sanded Cord in Black
Thread: Gutermann Sew-All #10 - Black
Button: Merchant & Mills Cotton Button, Sweeps Scrim, 15mm
Mods: S
hortened at thigh by 2”, added darts at back cuff
Measurements: 5’1”, 26” (66cm) waist, 35.5” (90cm) hip
Issues: None!

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A new website! A new blog!

Hey! Lookie here! We've updated our website, and in the process have decided to restart our blog! If you've been following along with us since day one (way back in 2012), you'll know that we once were semi-regular bloggers. As the business got busier and busier, and Liz and I were juggling all of it solo, we slowly just stopped posting. But now we have wonderful help in the shop more often, so we're going to give this whole blogging thing a try again! 

Keep an eye on this space as we attempt to regularly post about such things as: new arrivals, favourite products, new makes, awesome customers, fun events, and much more. Woohoo!

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