What We've Made: Erin's Eve Trouser

Hello, I’m Erin, the newest staff member at Needlework! I'm so excited to share my most recent make, the Eve Trouser from Merchant & Mills

The Eve Trouser is cropped pant with a slightly tapered leg and optional turn ups (aka cuffs). It’s a relatively easy garment to make, fitting neatly at the waist and over the hips with a simple side zip and two back pockets.

I made these using Needlework's 9oz Sanded Cord in black, which is a great choice for a more structured pant. I was looking for warmth, structure and texture, and the Sanded Cord checks all those boxes. I loved sewing with this fabric too, it folds and presses like paper. It's extremely satisfying to work with! 

Based on my measurements I cut a UK size 6, and the version of the pattern that included the 'turn-ups'. My preferred inseam measures 24.5" so I removed 2" of length at the lengthen/shorten line.

By choosing the turn-up version but shortening the inseam, I was left with a nice tall hem that hits my ankle at the perfect spot, eliminating the need to cuff the pants. I also added darts to the backs of the legs at the hem. I found them a bit wide at the cuff for my liking and the darts cinched the leg opening in just perfectly. I love the visual of the dart at the back as well.

At the hip there's an option of dart or pleat shaping. I opted for darts for a flatter, smooth front, and that’s what I got! 

Sewing wise I found the pattern instructions very clear and easy to follow, leading me to a super professional finished garment inside and out. Every piece came together just as I expected it should, including the side zip. It’s just perfect. I’m so satisfied and will definitely be making this pattern again and again - I've already made my another pair with Sanded Cord in Stone!

If you want to follow along in my making adventures, you can find me on Instagram at @rinntextiles!

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Pattern: Eve Trouser by Merchant & Mills
Size: UK 6
Fabric: 9oz Sanded Cord in Black
Thread: Gutermann Sew-All #10 - Black
Button: Merchant & Mills Cotton Button, Sweeps Scrim, 15mm
Mods: S
hortened at thigh by 2”, added darts at back cuff
Measurements: 5’1”, 26” (66cm) waist, 35.5” (90cm) hip
Issues: None!

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