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A new website! A new blog!

Hey! Lookie here! We've updated our website, and in the process have decided to restart our blog! If you've been following along with us since day one (way back in 2012), you'll know that we once were semi-regular bloggers. As the business got busier and busier, and Liz and I were juggling all of it solo, we slowly just stopped posting. But now we have wonderful help in the shop more often, so we're going to give this whole blogging thing a try again! 

Keep an eye on this space as we attempt to regularly post about such things as: new arrivals, favourite products, new makes, awesome customers, fun events, and much more. Woohoo!

Kate Hunter


Kate Hunter

thanks for sharing this post… i really like this Article.

Kate Hunter

Website feels great and looking forward to your dear diaries! Congrats xoxo

Kate Hunter


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