Store Closing FAQ

What are your hours this month? 

We believe our hours will likely evolve as the month goes on and we slowly sell out of stock. We recently had to adjust our hours to deal with an overwhelming number of online orders. To see our most up to date hours, visit this page or go to our Google listing. We will do our best to keep these as current as possible as we don't want to disappoint anyone by being closed when we said we'd be open.


Will you be selling your sewing machines and sergers and store fixtures/furniture?

We are currently planning to hold on to our sewing machines and sergers (as well as all other sewing tools we had for use in the shop) since we do hope to continue running workshops in the future! We will also be holding on to our large cutting tables. If this changes and we decide to sell them, you can find out by joining this mailing list that is specifically for people interested in potentially purchasing non-inventory related items from us (sewing machines and sergers, as well as furniture and fixtures)


Will you be selling shop samples (clothing, bags, etc)?

Yes! We just need to organize them and sort out pricing. Once we are ready to sell them, we will let everyone know via our usual newsletter and/or instagram.


Are you going to organize Hamilton Frocktails this spring?

Alas, no. Frocktails is the best, but it's a ton of work and we need a breather. Maybe in the fall?? TBD! Thanks for understanding!


Will you keep us up to date with your plans for future crafty endeavours?

Yes! We will 100% keep you in the loop as our plans evolve. We will post on instagram and update you via our main newsletter (which you can subscribe to here if you haven't already. Thanks!! :)


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