Supply List - Ogden Cami

  • Fabric - see notes below
  • One spool of polyester sewing machine thread
  • Optional: Sewing kit that includes a pair of sharp fabric scissors, straight pins, seam ripper, seam gauge, fabric marker. These items are available to use in-store, but if you plan on sewing at home between sessions, you may want to invest in a kit of your own!

All of the above items are available to purchase at Needlework and students receive a 10% discount (before HST) on items purchased towards your class. We strongly suggest purchasing your fabric ahead of time so that you can pre-wash it before cutting!

Notes On Recommended Fabric + Yardage
If this is your first garment project, we recommend a light weight woven fabric with some cotton or linen content for stability. Brussels Washer Linen Rayon is our top fabric recommendation. Cotton lawn, cotton voile, and lightweight linen are also great options for beginners! If you're up something slightly more challenging, choose a fabric made from 100% silk, rayon, or viscose. 

Yardage (length of fabric) needed to complete an Ogden Cami depends on the size you will be sewing during the workshop. Choose a size based on the measurement charts below. Budget for a maximum of 2.25m.

If you need assistance determining yardage, please contact us directly.


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