Slow Fashion Fabric Swap - Monday April 15th


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Do you have a big ol' pile of lovely garment weight fabric that you're keen to destash/trade? Well then this event is for you! If you're anything like us, you've probably collected a ton of garment fabric over the years, but despite good intentions sometimes our once loved fabric can hang around a little too long. Rather than let your yardage collect dust on the shelf, wouldn't it be fun to bring it to a trade and let someone else make good use of it?

Cue our Slow Fashion Fabric Swap! This fun event is a night where participants can exchange a cut of garment weight fabric for another. It's an opportunity to destash, and potientally add some new-to-you fabrics into your sewing rotation. Trading is one way we can reduce our carbon footprint, making this event truly a win-win-win situation! 

Monday April 15th. Doors 6pm; trading begins at 7pm.
$10 participation fee. All proceeds from this event will be donated to Environment Hamilton.
Yummy snacks and drinks provided!

1. Garment fabric only. No quilting weight fabric please as we are planning to have an event in the future specifcally for quilting weight cotton.

2. Minimum yardage = 1m+ for traded goods. Less than 1m cuts can also be brought in, but won't be part of the trade. They'll be part of a free-for all section. One caveat to this rule: 1m cuts of narrow fabric (i.e. 45" or less) will be a added to the free-for-all section. If a 1m cut is wide (52" or more) it will be eligible for trading.

3. For each continuous piece of fabric that you bring in, you'll be able to trade for another. E.g. if you bring 3 pieces of fabric, you'll have the chance to trade for 3 pieces of fabric. 

4. For each fabric, participants will fill out an info card that will include details such as yardage, fibre content, width, etc. We'll provide these in advance via email, but you'll also have time to fill them out between 6pm and 7pm the night of the event.  

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