Kiriki Press - Embroidered Doll Kit - Fiesta Cat


Kiriki Press embroidery kits are a fantastic gift for both experienced crafters and those just dipping their toes into the waters of embroidery.

Fiesta Cat is a level two (intermediate) embroidery kit to create your own 4.5 inch tall stuffed and embroidered cat.

Each kit includes a pre-printed animal on cotton with instructions and guidelines on how to embellish it with embroidery stitches, eco-friendly stuffing, and a selection of embroidery flosses. NOT INCLUDED, but necessary for completing the project are: a 6 inch embroidery hoop, sewing needle, and scissors.

Each kit is rated with an experience level:

  • Level 1 features some basic embroidery stitches which cover a small portion of the surface.
  • Level 2 features basic and intermediate embroidery stitches which cover some of the surface. 
  • Level 3 features a variety of embroidery stitches to cover most or all of the surface.

All Kiriki Press kits are made in Canada and suitable for ages 12+.

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