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We're excited to now stock 100% boiled wool! Boiled wool is made from a knit fabric that has been boiled and agitated in hot water and an alkaline solution like soap. The agitation causes the wool fibers to stick together, felting the fabric. The result is a tighter and more dense material, making it dense warm, durable, and resistant to water and wind -- most excellent for making winter coats!


Grainline Studio - Yates Coat

Tessuti - Oslo Coat
Grainline Studio - Cascade Duffle Coat


Peruse our Wool Coatings Pinterest board for more inspiration!


100% wool
380 gsm / 11.2 oz per square yard
142cm / 55" wide


Sold by the 1/2m. One product = one 1/2m. (e.g. 3 products = 1.5m)

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