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18mm Rotary Blade Refill 2 pieces
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Applique Pins
Bias Tape Maker - 1''
Bias Tape Maker - 1/2''
Bias Tape Maker - 1/4''
Bias Tape Maker - 2"
Bias Tape Maker - 3/4''
Black Gold Quilting Needles 9-10-12
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Chaco Liner Pen Style
Chaco Liner Refill Cartridge
Chacopen Air Erasable - Pink
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Chacopen Blue - Water Soluble Dual Tip Pen
Chacopy Tracing Paper
Clip 'N Glide Bodkin
Clover Wonder Clips - 10 pack - Red
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Clover Wonder Clips - 50 Pack - Assorted
Curved Ruler Set
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Darning Needle Set
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Darning Needle Set with Case
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Double Needle Threader
Double Sided Basting Tape
Double Tracing Wheel
Flower Head Pins - 0.45mm - Blue - 20ct
Flower Head Pins - 0.55mm - Red - 20ct
Fork Pins - 1-1/2in 35ct
Gold Eye Applique Needles No.12
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Gold Eye Chenille Needle No. 24
Gold Eye Chenille Needles No. 20
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Gold Eye Embroidery Needles (No. 3-9)
Gold Eye Milliners Needles No. 3 - 9
Gold Eye Tapestry Needles - NO. 18-22
Gold Eye Tapestry Needles No. 24
Hera Marker
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Hera Marker
Hera Marking Tool
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Iron-On Transfer Pencils
69 results
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